Day 1a: Coming clean about last night

This past week I’ve been eating pretty well. Each lunch and dinner has consisted of my version of Duke University Rice (tomatoes, peppers, onions and rice) and fresh fruit. I was eating carefully in training for writing to you, dear reader — hoping that if I got a week of good eating under my belt, then once I started writing this blog, I’d have an easier time staying on the wagon.

Ironically, yesterday, Day 1 of this blog experiment, I was invited over to my friend Wyne’s house for dinner. Her mother, Tin, who is a fantastic cook specializing in her native Vietnamese cuisine, made a feast for us. And she was so happy to see me; I revel in other people’s culinary pursuits and Tin knows it. I ate with gusto last night. On a groaning banquet table there was a slaw of shrimp, snow peas, rice and cabbage along with a strimp and noodle dish and the most delicate and tender baby ribs. There was lots of other great food, too, and I ate it all. It was a calorie vacation and I went on holiday.

So I guess one of the things that I’ll talk about here is how to traverse these occasions. I was raised by a woman who loved to see your delight in her cooking and I took my eating and cooking cues from her. Now, when someone cooks for me, I find it difficult not to eat with relish and lavish the cook with compliments. Learning to navigate these celebratory  opportunities will be one of my challenges in losing weight and learning to eat right.

Today I am making a big pot of my special rice and I’ll share the recipe with you soon. I love to make a huge batch of this rice (or some other concoction) so that I can divide it up into lunches and dinners for the week. If I can spend less time in the kitchen, it helps me disconnect from overeating.

Everything that I need for the week was purchased at Whole Foods Market and the total cost was $93.87. Dividing up my rice gunge will make each meal (including fruit) $6.70. Is that good? I don’t know, I think I can get that price down without skimping on nutrition and product quality. We’ll see as the days and weeks add up.

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